Microsoft presents enterprise token mining platform

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Microsoft Ignite conference

Marley Gray, a chief engineer at ‌Microsoft, says that the corporation aims to make the construction of crypto tokens in the cloud as simple as using a printer. Gray mentioned this after the announcement of the Azure Blockchain Tokens platform on Monday.

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Gray is sure that just like printers were once complicated to set up and now we’re just plugging them in, and they work, the same path is waiting for the Azure.

The platform was released during the Microsoft Ignite conference in Orlando, Florida. It lets enterprises to pick from an increasing set of token-creating templates that correspond to the Token Taxonomy Initiative (TTI).

There have already been several TTI-compliant tokens created for uses like loyalty rewards, or to incentivize software teams to meet stated goals, also as regular monetary tools like letters of credit in trade finance.

This platform is being issued alongside a host of sample tokens, like REWARD token from Intel and ConsenSys or Santander’s BOND token from IBM and so on.

Gray also mentioned that this platform is not just Microsoft thing and that they have many partners, including R3, IBM, Digital Asset.