Microsoft and Salesforce join to Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

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Microsoft and Salesforce join to Hyperledger Blockchain Consortium

Two of the world’s greatest software corporations flocked to a Hyperledger consortium. After this event, the corporation from the Linux Foundation began gathering more steam.

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It was reported this week that 8 large enterprises would start their blockchain path by joining Hyperledger. Besides two giants, who heavily invested in the chain, these 8 organisations include supply chain consulting firm from the US, a tech firm from Poland, a metal firm from Russia and others.

It’s a very significant message and it shows the increasing attention to the blockchain from various corporations. Hyperledger was specially designed to improve cross-industry blockchain technologies.

Hyperledger isn’t the primary consortium that Microsoft joins in. Still, joining this consortium Microsoft is taking really meaningful actions into an ecosystem that is beginning to go ahead just face-value experimenting.

Chief executive for blockchain engineering at Microsoft, Marley Gray said:

“Our trip in the blockchain environment has taken us a long way, and now is the time for us to link to the Hyperledger organisation”.

Salesforce is a giant corporation that paid attention to blockchains too. Their primary step in this industry was proclaimed with the formulation of Salesforce blockchain, which is running on Hyperledger Sawtooth.