Millennials invest in bitcoin more than in Microsoft

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Millenials invest bitcoin

Born in the late 80s and early 90s, people prefer to invest in cryptocurrencies and high-tech startups, rather than in the entertainment industry. This is evidenced by research data from the American brokerage company Charles Schwab.

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Millennials invest more in Bitcoins managed by the Grayscale Bitcoin Trust (1.84%) than in Disney (1.68%), Netflix (1.58%) and Microsoft (1.53%). However, the most interesting for them are the shares of Amazon (7.87%), Apple (6.18%), Tesla (3.22%) and Facebook (3.03%).

Grayscale Bitcoin Trust is not among the ten most popular investment destinations for either Generation X or Boomer investors.

At the same time, according to billionaire Ray Dalio, the volatility of bitcoin does not allow calling it an effective means of accumulation.

According to him, the only purpose of Bitcoin is speculation.

At the same time, Dalio sees the prospect of stablecoins, which can become a viable means of payment.

The billionaire said that if in the future there appears a new form of money that will not be controlled by central banks, they will severely interfere with its development and distribution because it will undermine the powers of financial regulators.

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Recall, according to a September study by the eToro investment platform, 40% of millennials are ready to invest in cryptocurrencies in the event of a dollar recession.