McDonald’s Answer to Musk Led to a Creation of a New Token

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Elon Musk McDonald's Grimace

Yesterday Elon Musk tweeted that he would eat a happy meal on TV if Mcdonald's accepts Dogecoin payments.

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The fast-food company answered to Musk, saying that it would accept DOGE only if Tesla accepts GrimaceCoin. Grimace is a purple character featured in some campaigns of McDonald's.

After the response of McDonald's, there was created a token named Grimecoin and deployed on Binance Smart Chain. It's not known who is the creator. In a tweet, the team said that they applied to CoinMarketCap to get listed. However, there have already appeared different versions of Grimace.

It isn’t known who are the creators of the token yet and it can be acquired through swapping on BSC-based decentralized exchanges. Note that anyone can create a BEP20 token on Binance with any name. With the newly created assets, it’s important to take into account the possibility that they can be fake, or not achieve success in the market.