Mark Cuban compared Bitcoin with bananas: in favor of latter

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Mark Cuban Bitcoin bananas

Bitcoin critic billionaire Mark Cuban admitted that the actions of central banks in the current crisis give cryptocurrencies a good chance. But in an interview with Anthony Pompliano, he again resorted to comparing it with bananas and pointed out the difficulty of use.

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Morgan Creek Digital's co-founder invited Cuban to take part in his podcast last December, when the billionaire was once again skeptical about bitcoin, denying its chance to become a reliable currency.

The owner of the Dallas Mavericks in an interview again reminded that the first cryptocurrency is practically not used in everyday life.

He said that as a commodity, it is easier for him to trade bananas than bitcoin. Besides, he can eat a banana before it goes bad and get potassium for his workout.

He is ready to change his skepticism regarding “digital gold,” Bitcoin also needs to change for this. In his opinion, it should be simpler than a steamed turnip in use, absolutely without friction and understandable to everyone. Only then he can say that bitcoin is an alternative to gold as a store of value.

For transactions, there should be the opportunity to spend cryptocurrency, but for now, you need to convert it to fiat, says Cuban.

However, he acknowledged that the consequences of gigantic cash injections into the economy by governments and central banks to combat the crisis caused by COVID-19 may be the best chance for a leading cryptocurrency.