Huobi started a partnership with a real estate company

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Huobi partnered with fäm Properties

fäm Properties is an oriented-on-technologies real estate company, which has decided to open itself for cryptos.

A famous blockchain-based platform Huobi started a partnership with fäm Properties, and now they give a possibility of making crypto payments to investors.

Investors are now going to have more prospects when they invest in top locations in the UAE. fäm Properties has partnered with the crypto exchange to make payments safer for real estate investors.

This real estate is one of the leading firms in the UAS. Recently, it was announced by Dubai Land Department that they made AED 10 billion sales in the last decade.

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The responsibility of the crypto exchange is to guarantee that fäm Properties’ customers encounter a seamless transaction process that is secure and judicial. Huobi will assist all the clients at every step of the process until the end of the property trade.

Using this new crypto payment service, customers can purchase and sell the property by applying different cryptos, including ETH, BTC, and XRP. Huobi exchange carries top fiat currencies, like Euros, Dirhams, US Dollars, and Pounds.

The CEO of fäm Properties Feras Al Msaddi is confident about their alliance with Huobi. He thinks that this partnership is going to open new doors for their clients. Msaddi mentioned that by offering a modern method of payments, their company is going to make more property transactions and is going to cause more worth to the market.