Hacker opened Trezor wallet, to which investors forgot the access code

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The other day, the American media sparkled with headlines that local investors living in New York forgot the access code and secret phrase from their Trezor One cryptocurrency wallet. By the way, a good amount has already accumulated on the device - against the backdrop of an increase in the cost of cryptocurrencies, the investments of entrepreneurs have reached $ 2 million.

Given the fact that we are talking about a rather impressive amount, businessmen, after 12 failed attempts to guess the code, abandoned this idea, starting to look for another way out of the situation, otherwise entering the password incorrectly 4 more times, all the funds in the wallet would automatically burn out.

After much thought and discussion, the men decided to turn to the well-known hacker KingPing for help, so that he would try to crack the protection of the hardware wallet. The real name of the developer and programmer is Joe Grand, he lives in Portland and has already become famous for his talent to find vulnerabilities in security systems even where it would seem they should not be.

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The hacker only had 4 attempts to enter the required Trezor One access code. According to reports, Grand worked on hacking the wallet, picking up all kinds of PIN codes for about 12 weeks. During this time, the programmer used the penultimate three attempts, and, it would seem, when the hope was almost lost, the young man managed to get access to the cryptocurrency account.

The media report did not indicate whether the Grand received a reward from businessmen from New York, but many had time to assume that they thanked him one hundred percent well. Yes, this is understandable, because entrepreneurs could lose all their crypto-savings.

Men initially purchased $50,000 worth of digital assets a few years ago, forgetting about the investment. As time passed, the cryptocurrency market began to go up, against the background of which the total value of assets purchased at one time increased to $2 million.