Hacked Altsbit bitcoin exchange announces its closure

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Hacked Altsbit closure

The Altsbit cryptocurrency exchange, which lost $285 thousand as a result of the hack on February 5, announced the closure.

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A significant part of the facilities was in cold storage. These assets will be used to pay partial compensation to users.

53% of the total amount in bitcoins, 28% in Ethereum, 59% in ARRR, 51% in VRSC and 97% in KMD are available for reimbursement.

The payment will begin on February 10 and will last until May 8. After this date, Altsbit, founded in 2018, will completely stop work and a refund will not be possible.

Responsibility for what happened was allegedly claimed by the hacker group LulzSec.

“We assure that @altsbit didn't had proper security to stop Lulz Canon. Many others to follow. Better Stack up the Security Note to other Exchanges”, they wrote on Twitter.

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