Google to Make Changes in Its Ad Policy Concerning Crypto

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Google crypto

Internet giant Google reviews its ad approach concerning the crypto industry.

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In a released post related to policy change on finance goods and services, the entity informs that from August 3, ad issuers suggesting crypto exchanges and wallets focused on the US may advertise products and operations meeting certain conditions and qualified by Google.

To get Google's certification, crypto businesses must be listed with the Bureau of the US Department of the Treasury or a federal or state-chartered bank institution. They should go along with related legal terms defined by state or federal bodies and according to the third point they must make certain that ads and links to main pages meet Google Ads policy.

Google's renewed method of providing certification comes to act instead of the one that has functioned since 2018.

The request form will be presented on June 8, after which publishers must apply for new Crypto Exchanges and Wallets certificates with Google. Google disallowed ads of ICOs, DeFi trading networks, or boosting the purchase, sale, or trade of crypto or suchlike goods such as initial DEX offerings and uncontrolled decentralized applications.

Ad objectives that discuss or compare creators of cryptocurrencies or such products are also forbidden.

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The news came at a moment when crypto regulations become stricter in China, the US, and other countries.