Fraudsters extort bitcoins, pretending fighting coronavirus

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Unknown persons under the guise of the Solidarity Fund of the WHO are collecting donations in Bitcoins, allegedly to fight against coronavirus. Sophos security researcher Chester Wisniewski posted a screenshot of the attacker's email.

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In their message, the scammers claim the funds will go to study the virus, purchase tests, and provide assistance to patients and medical workers.

By the way, WHO did organize a Solidarity Fund to raise funds to fight the COVID-19 and is accepting donations on the organization’s official page, though so far only in fiat currency. The fund has already been supported by Facebook and Google.

Earlier, Bitcoin ransomware created an Android application in the guise of a coronavirus tracker. Cases of fraudulent offers to purchase medical masks for cryptocurrency are also known. Attackers use panic because of the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) to spread crypto-ransomware applications. You can read about this in our article.

Also, connected to the virus, Video card and chip maker Nvidia has urged users to provide computing power to tackle the pandemic. You can read more about this in our article.