Eth and BNB Reached New All-Time Highs

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Eth BNB all time high

Almost all of the top cryptocurrencies have seen a price increase in recent days.

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Bitcoin has gone up to $60.000. Eth and Binance Coin set record highs: $2.200 and $485 respectively. The total crypto market cap stands at above 2.06 trillion.

Besides, the top three cryptocurrencies by market cap, other altcoins have also made significant progress. One of the most noticeable ones is the score of Ripple's XRP. Amid the ongoing trial, the token's price surpassed $1 for the first time in three years and it reappeared in fourth place by market cap. Currently, XRP trades at around $1.17 with over a $52.9 B market cap.

Cryptocurrencies meet more massive adoption. On March 30 major payments operator PayPal announced allowing the US clients to pay with crypto at checkouts. Along with this, the DeFi sector is evolving. A few days ago the volume of assets blocked in DeFi protocols reached $100 B for the first time.