Eric Adams: New York should become the center of crypto industry

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New York

New York Mayor Eric Adams, who was elected on November 2 and took office on the first day of 2022, gave an interview to a popular business publication. The media asked if the measure received a salary in bitcoins, which he announced even before his appointment. When asked by journalists, Adams replied that the first salary had not yet been received, but he would receive the first three payments in the main digital asset.

As the publication clarifies, in addition to this, the newly minted official noted that the recent jumps in BTC did not affect his attitude towards the leading cryptocurrency.

“Following a fall, there is always a bounce up, which, as a result, brings good profits,” added Eric Adams.

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By the way, the fact that the first three salaries of the elected measures will receive in bitcoins, Adams said even before his appointment on Twitter. The politician believes that New York should become the center of the cryptocurrency industry. It should be emphasized that he wants to follow the example of Miami, which released its cryptocurrency and spends 30% of each created coin on the development of the city. In 2021, this amount reached almost $8 million.

The most significant issue that worries anyone who follows the development of this situation is how the mayor of New York, a clear supporter of cryptocurrencies, will be able to work with Attorney General Letitia James, who is fighting shadow crypto companies.

In this context, it is worth noting that Eric Adams is not the first mayor to express his desire to receive a salary in bitcoins. Previously, such statements were made by the mayors of Miami and the mayors of Tampa (Florida).