Bukele: A third of Salvadorians are actively using Chivo

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Nayib Bukele

After El Salvador became the first state in the world to officially recognize bitcoin as legal tender, discussions of this event only continue to gain momentum. Media, analysts, and financial experts from all over the world are closely monitoring developments in El Salvador and how this innovation could affect the global economy. As for the situation within the country itself, according to the statement of President Nayib Bukele, local citizens began to actively use the Chivo crypto-wallet.

So, according to the head of state, about 2.1 million citizens use the Chivo cryptocurrency wallet, supported by the authorities. Given the total number of people living in the country, it turns out that almost a third of Salvadorans have taken up the exploitation of Chivo.

Also, President Bukele wrote on his official Twitter page that at the moment the number of users of the Chivo crypto wallet exceeds the number of clients of any Salvadoran bank. From this, it turns out that as of today, the interest in digital assets significantly exceeds the interest of citizens in fiat currencies.