Bitcoin Hit a New All-Time High Surging Over $66.000

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Bitcoin all-time high

Over the last 7 days, the price of Bitcoin increased by over 20.5%, hitting a new high of over $66.200 today. The coin's market cap is over $1.2 trillion.

A day earlier, the first U.S. Bitcoin ETF went live. ProShare's futures-based trading product saw high interest, surpassing $1 B in trading volume. Global crypto market cap currently is above $2.6 trillion. Bitcoin's dominance index is 47.8%.

The price of Ethereum and altcoins also went up. For the first time since May drop, Ether surpassed $4.000.

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Meanwhile, there are other companies expecting the SEC's approval for launching ETF. Among them is Valkyrie Investments, which product is already listed on NASDAQ and has a big chance to launch soon.