Aquis will add Bitcoin-ETP from 21Shares to listing

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ETP provider 21Shares announced the addition of its first cryptocurrency-based instrument to the listing of the British alternative trading system Aquis.

Bitcoin-ETP trading will begin in mid-June. The partner will be ETF specialist GHCO, which will act as a liquidity provider.

The 21Shares Bitcoin ETP unit is the equivalent of 0.00035 BTC.

“Built as an exchange-traded fund”, the tool will be appreciated by UK institutional investors who are accustomed to operating in a regulated environment, the firm said.

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On June 7th, the first Bitcoin ETP from the ETC Group began trading on the Aquis.

The instrument is available in pairs with pounds sterling, Swiss francs, euros, and US dollars.

Clearing of the exchange product is carried out by the clearing house of the Swiss stock exchange SIX x-clear.