After the Alozno fork, ADA's price fell by 10%

by in Cryptocurrency News


Even though today, on September 13, many digital assets showed a noticeable price drop, few could have assumed that the same fate awaited the Carnado project cryptocurrency - ADA. The news of the successful completion of the update, dubbed "Alonzo", caused many positive forecasts for the above asset because against the background of the hard fork, Carnado launched their smart contracts.

That is why the news of the 10% fall in the ADA price came as a big surprise to many traders. All of them expected completely different consequences of the launch of smart contracts because the Carnado project's cryptocurrency has grown in price this year - by more than 1000%.

It is noted that at the time of this writing, the digital asset continues to trade for $2.3. This indicator is the lowest daily ADA value over the past few days.