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Crypto 101, Cryptocurrency For Beginners

Cryptocurrencies have become a part of the traditional financial system not so long ago. That's why many of us still have questions about these assets. If you are willing to have some basic knowledge about cryptocurrencies, how they operate, crypto wallets and exchanges, market capitalization, and so on, then our Crypto 101 category is for you.

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what is libra

What is Libra, Facebook's cryptocurrency?


What is Libra? Libra is a cryptocurrency-based payment system. The project belongs to Facebook, which has been joined by another 27 companies (eBay, Uber,, Vodafone, etc.). The Libra's rate will have to be determined on the basis of a currency basket of the dollar, euro, yen, and pound...

Ether EOS

EOS vs Ethereum: Smart contracts, consensus and awards


Ethereum is the most popular platform for launching smart contracts. However, several years ago, the central network of EOS was launched - perhaps the strongest competitor to Ethereum. In this article, we are going to compare the strong and weak sides of these two networks. General...

what is bitcoin sv

What is Bitcoin SV (BSV)?


What is Bitcoin SV BSV is a hard fork of Bitcoin Cash, which appeared on November 15, 2018. "SV" in the Bitcoin SV stands for “satoshi vision”. The development of the crypto coin was taken by Craig Wright. He addressed the scalability issue and increased the block size to 128 MB....

Bitcoin Cash

What is Bitcoin Cash?


After the vote for the introduction of the SegWit2x protocol, in Summer 2017, the hard fork of the leading crypto was released. That is precisely how owners of Bitcoins become owners of Bitcoin Cash, and how the currency was made. This fork is the largest and loudest in the history of digital...

What is STO?

What is Security Token Offering (STO)?


All about Security Token Offering Security Token Offering (STO) is a method of investing in blockchain projects. Investors are purchasing tokenized securities that are sold on crypto exchanges. As this public offering is related to securities, it’s evident that STOs are more regulated than ICOs,...

Types of crypto exchanges

All about Centralized and Decentralized crypto exchanges


Crypto exchanges: everything you necessitate to know Crypto exchanges are online platforms that facilitate users to swap one type of digital asset to another. These platforms are operating just like regular real-life exchanges: the contrast is just in currencies you can trade. These platforms allow...

Security token

What is security token?


Advanced people in the crypto environment surely have heard and know what security token is. But for newbies, it is often very tricky to get acquainted with so many terms and new concepts. We are here to make everything clear for the ones, who are making their first steps into the crypto universe....

Crypto exchanges that haven't been hacked

Which crypto exchanges have not been hacked?


In plenty of crypto exchanges, some are proving they are worth trusting, and some are being easily hacked. I’m not going to suggest which one to choose and won't give any referral links. I just wanted to share with you the list of most trustworthy exchanges based on our researches. Most of the...

Mobile wallets for beginners

5 mobile crypto wallets for beginners


If you're a newcomer in the cryptocurrency environment, you'll necessitate getting introduced with some definitions and tools. One of the points you're expected to know to navigate in this sphere is a cryptocurrency wallet. You can learn about these wallets theoretically, or you can download one of...

Multisig wallet

Multi-signature wallets and their benefits


Technologies don’t stay still, and innovations are appearing every day. One of those modern tools we want you to be acquainted with is multisig wallet. Multisig is a unique type of digital signature which allows two or a higher number of users to approve accounts acting as an organization. It’s...

Guide for investing in cryptocurrencies (Part 2)

Guide for investing in cryptocurrencies (Part 2)


In the first part of our guide, we gave you some primary information about cryptocurrencies and crypto-wallets. We've also talked about the functioning process of cryptocurrencies, and now it’s the turn for talking about how profitable investing money in cryptocurrencies can be. But first,...

Guide for investing in cryptocurrencies (Part 1)

Guide for investing in cryptocurrencies (Part 1)


The crypto environment is evolving extremely fast nowadays. Nearly everyone heard about cryptocurrencies, particularly Bitcoin, but not everyone exactly understands what these coins are and why they're growing so popular. On the other hand, there are lots of those who're investing in crypto and are...


Everything you need to know about crypto wallets


Where do we all keep our cash? Most of us generally use wallets. Nowadays in general finances became something that is not physically tangible, because it became digital. But we all understand that digital money also needs someplace to be kept and so the digital wallet was invented for that...

The first cryptocurrency was created in 2009. Since then there are thousands of cryptos functioning in the market. Each has its functionality and purposes, capitalization and price, and so on. Even the experts of the crypto sphere don't know everything about every asset, cause it is close to impossible.

Our Crypto 101 category was created for everyone, who wants to gain some knowledge about various cryptocurrencies, their core systems, how they are operating, and much more. Here you can also find information about crypto wallets, centralized and decentralized exchanges, market capitalization, and other platforms that are working with cryptos

If you are new in the sphere, articles in the category will answer your questions and will become your guide in the world of cryptocurrencies, giving you educational fundament for making decisions concerning crypto assets.

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