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Bitcoin hashrate approaches 150 EH/s


Roughly on May 12, there will be a drop in the award of BTC miners or the so-called halving. In anticipation of this event, the amount of computing power used to extract cryptocurrency has approached 150 exams per second (EH/s). In early March, this figure reached 125 EH/s, however, after the cost...

Bitcoin investment

Grayscale report called Bitcoin “Best Investment”


The promise by the US Federal Reserve that it would print as much money as needed made Grayscale, the client’s asset management company, say that only Bitcoin is now the best investment against central bank policies. It should be noted that Grayscale currently manages assets of $ 3 billion and...


Coinshares top manager sees investors activation


According to the director of the strategic development of the British company CoinShares, Meltem Demirors, investors began to become interested in bitcoin massively. The top manager associates such a trend with the approaching date of the so-called May Halving or the reduction of the block mining...

Changpeng Zhao

Binance blamed competitors for DDoS attacks on the exchange


The head of Binance reported that today the "competitors" carried out targeted DDoS attacks on the platform in his Twitter. Earlier today, our Chinese domains experienced targeted DDoS attacks, and users saw some lag and interruption of network access. Based on the attack pattern, it...


China's CB attracted another development team to test token


The number of participants in the Chinese Digital Currency (CBDC) launch project continues to expand. The People's Bank of China announced that a startup specializing in the development of services based on AI is going to take part in testing the digital version of the renminbi. The SenseTime team...

BitMex Japan

BitMEX will limit access to its platform for Japanese users


Seychelles crypto derivatives exchange BitMEX will soon prohibit all users from Japan to use their platform. On Tuesday, April 28, the exchange announced that since April 30 it plans to restrict access to its platform for residents of Japan and prohibit existing users from placing orders from May...


China aims to use excess hydropower in blockchain industry


The authorities of Ya'an, one of the cities in the Chinese province of Sichuan, issued a guide on the use of “strategic opportunities in the blockchain industry," which include the use of excess hydroelectricity. In December, China accounted for 65% of the world's bitcoin hashrate, and the...


Tezos topped Weiss agency rating. BTC is only 11th.


Altcoin Tezos received first place in the ranking compiled by Weiss Crypto Rating. The researchers presented a list of the best cryptocurrencies at the end of last week. They analyzed the technology of each ecosystem and concluded that the best project is Tezos, which has also aggressively added...

Pulse social platform

Bitfinex launches Pulse social platform for its users


The Bitfinex crypto exchange has launched a social platform called Pulse for its users. Pulse allows Bitfinex customers to share info. “The concept of a social network for traders is certainly not new. What sets Pulse apart from others is the quality of the content available, ”said Paolo...

Binance team

The number of Binance employees has grown from 50 to 1000


Binance was established in 2017, and since then the number of its workers has grown 20 times, breaking 1000. Yi He said in an interview: “When Binance began work in 2017, there were less than 50 workers. Today we have more than 1000 employees, and we accept new people every day.” Binance ICO...


In the Q1, crypto futures trading grew by more than 300%


The negotiating amount of crypto futures surpassed $2 trillion in Q1 of 2020. Opposed to the Q4 of the last year, trade increased by 314%. Analysts emphasize that in 2019, the trend for an increase in activity in the cryptosphere futures market dominated. A slight decrease in trade was observed in...


Japan regulator approved Huobi token and 25 other assets


The Japan Financial Services Agency (FSA) lately adopted Huobi Token (HT), and the eponymous exchange became the first global platform whose native token received permission from a specific jurisdiction. FSA has established HT as a crypto asset that complies with the country's regulatory rules, and...


The first decentralized Bitcoin exchange launches in Cuba


In early April, Italian-Cuban entrepreneur Mario Mazzola developed and expanded a decentralized p2p bitcoin exchange in Cuba. Cryptocurrencies are currently not banned in Cuba. Most global companies shy away from this country due to US sanctions. Mazzola told the media that the Qbita crypto...

Commodity Futures Trading Commission

LabCFTC head: COVID-19 can digitalize the payment base


Melissa Netram, head of the research division of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC), predicts an acceleration of the transition to a qualitatively new financial infrastructure. The structure of the global economy is changing. For some areas, the crisis will deal a crushing blow, but...


Nicolas Maduro gives farmers loans in Petro cryptocurrency


The Venezuelan authorities have begun lending to farmers in the Petro crypto, the country's President Nicolas Maduro said. During his television appearance, the Venezuelan leader emphasized that firms engaged in grain production have already begun to receive their first loans in national digital...


One more Central Bank is engaged in digital euro launch


In Europe, another Central Bank has joined the ranks of regulators with a keen interest in the cryptocurrency industry. The report of the Bank of the Netherlands says that the regulator allows its participation in the development and testing of the digital euro. Earlier, the Bank of France made a...

Brad Garlinghouse

XRP distribution ads cause Ripple's claim against YouTube


Ripple Labs and its leader, Brad Garlinghouse, have filed a lawsuit against YouTube for making video hosting an “accomplice” of repeated fraudulent XRP distributions. Ripple Labs filed a lawsuit against video hosting in the Northern District of California on April 21. Ripple Labs points to...


US citizens use their $1200 checks to buy cryptocurrencies


Recently, the United States issued 80 million checks for Americans worth $1,200. Checks were issued to help citizens affected by the coronavirus so that they could buy needs, food, and pay utility bills. However, it seems that some Americans just decided to exchange their dollars for...

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