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Trial in the case of Vinnik will take place on 14 September


The trial of Alexander Vinnik, co-founder of the now-closed cryptocurrency exchange BTC-e, who was extradited from Greece to France, will take place on September 14. According to the lawyer, the order to send the case to court was signed by the investigating judge three days ago. Belo stressed that...

Market Capitalization

What is coin market cap?


The capitalization of all cryptocurrencies is the total value of all coins at the moment. It is defined as the product of the number of tokens in circulation by the current price. If 100 coins of a specific currency have been released to the market, and each coin is currently worth $10, then the...


Steve Wozniak sues YouTube for fraudulent videos


Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak has joined in a legal battle against YouTube, in which the video hosting site is accused of fake videos that use celebrity names to send cryptocurrencies to scammers. Lawyers for Wozniak and 17 other people who have sustained from such actions of scammers have sued...


Shapeshift launches trading app for Android and iOS


Shapeshift, a Swiss self-service cryptocurrency storage platform, has launched an app for iOS and Android users that lets them buy and sell bitcoin, ether, and other crypto coins without trusting private keys to third parties. The application requires users only email and password to enter the...

OMG Network

Japan's financial regulator approves OMG Network token


The Japanese Financial Services Agency (FSA), which regulates the digital asset industry in the country, has approved the native OMG Network token. The Japanese trading platform GMO Coin announced this on July 22 with the announcement of the listing of the OMG Network (OMG) token. OMG is the 27th...


Ether skyrocketed to a six-month high


The most popular altcoin Ether (ETH) demonstrated the best performance of the top ten cryptocurrencies over the past day. The coin has risen in price by more than 7% and reached its highest level since the end of February 2020. At the time of the publication of this review, ETH was trading slightly...

Ether EOS

EOS vs Ethereum: Smart contracts, consensus and awards


Ethereum is the most popular platform for launching smart contracts. However, several years ago, the central network of EOS was launched - perhaps the strongest competitor to Ethereum. In this article, we are going to compare the strong and weak sides of these two networks. General...


YouTube says it is not liable for crypto fraud on channels


The video hosting YouTube claims that it is not immune to cryptocurrency fraud, which is built in the form of video content or descriptions. In April, Ripple's lawyers and CEO Brad Garlinghouse filed a lawsuit against YouTube for failing to stop XRP scammers. Garlinghouse and his team argue that...


The number of LINK searches has reached the maximum


The number of searches on the Internet on the topic of altcoin Chainlink (LINK) has grown to an all-time high. The popularity of the token is now at the highest level in the entire history of observation. This trend is directly related to the achievements of the coin, which made it to the list of...

Changpeng Zhao

Chanpeng Zhao pointed to stability of BTC in recent times


Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao says bitcoin will eventually break out of the $ 9000 - $ 9500 corridor, although it is holding steady. On July 19, speaking with Bloomberg Daybreak: Asia, Zhao commented on the cryptocurrency's record-low volatility in the past few weeks, when the coin has been relatively...

Banque de France

Banque de France will experiment with the digital euro


The Central Bank of France (Banque de France) has announced that it will begin experiments related to the digital euro. To this end, the bank has selected eight potential candidates to help integrate CBDC into interbank settlements. These are companies such as Accenture, HSBC, Societe Generale,...

Peter Schiff

Peter Schiff explains why he considers BTC a pyramid scheme


The head of the investment company Euro Pacific Capital, Peter Schiff, continues to criticize bitcoin via Twitter. On his social media page over the weekend, he published a series of posts in which he tried to explain that BTC is a pyramid scheme. Schiff has repeatedly criticized Bitcoin in the...


Coinsquare accused of inflating trade data


The Canadian Ontario Securities Commission (OSC) has accused the Coinsquare crypto exchange of market manipulation. The regulator said in a statement that the trading platform misleads customers by overstating the trading volume. Besides, the exchange is accused of legalizing criminal proceeds and...


What is ERC777 standard?


The new ERC777 blockchain token standard, developed by Jordi Baylina, Jacques Dafflon, and Thomas Shababi, and potentially replacing the currently widely used ERC20 standard, is about to be launched. ERC is short for Ethereum Request for Comments and describes a set of standards created to be...


Venezuela banned mining of crypto in government apartments


Venezuelans living in government apartments will not be able to mine. The head of the Ministry of Environment and Construction of Venezuela Ildemaro Villarroel told about the corresponding ban on the mining of cryptocurrency. He stressed that those citizens of the country who live in areas where...


Stellar entered the list of the best altcoins of the season


Stellar (XLM) made a breakthrough this week, adding to the list of the best performers of the so-called "altseason." Previously, Cardano and Chainlink have shown great results. XLM rose to $ 0.102 on Friday, July 17th, and jumped to its highest level since early July last year. Over the...


Chainlink coin trading volume on exchanges hits record high


Altcoin Chainlink (LINK) is currently trading at its highest level in its history. If you look at the chart presented by the CoinMarketCap service, you can see that over the past two years, the cryptocurrency has been moving mainly along an upward trajectory. LINK traded just above $ 8.3 on Friday,...


Casa will provide solutions to the Human Rights Defense Fund


Bitcoin company Casa has announced a partnership with the Human Rights Foundation (HRF) to help activists and dissidents around the world protect their Bitcoin holdings. Casa will provide HRF with its end-to-end Bitcoin secure storage solutions. The foundation will use Casa's solutions to protect...

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