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Bitcoin price

Research: Bitcoin is correlating with US stock market


The price of bitcoin again closely correlates with the dynamics of the US stock market. Fears of a possible worsening of the situation with the coronavirus may pull stocks and, therefore, the crypto market. This is stated in the report of Arcane Research. Experts say the stock market has been...

Kyrgyzstan crypto law

Kyrgyzstan: crypto has no legal status, despite mining tax


In Kyrgyzstan, the legal status of cryptocurrencies is not defined and there is no regulation. This was stated by the head of the department of the National Bank Sanzhar Abdygaziev, writes the local publication Tazabek. The official noted that operations with crypto coins as a form of public...

Grayscale Bitcoin

Grayscale added 19,879 BTC to its Bitcoin Trust


Over the past week, Grayscale investment firm acquired 19,879 BTC ($183.3 million), bringing the total amount of bitcoins under management to almost 400,000 BTC ($3.69 billion). This was announced by well-known analyst Kevin Rooke. Unbelievable.Grayscale added 19,879 BTC to their Bitcoin Trust...

Craig Wright autist

Craig Wright claims he is diagnosed with autism


Pretending to be the creator of bitcoin, Craig Wright will appear in front of the judge in the framework of the process initiated by Ira Kleiman. This is stated in the court order. They decided to transfer the case to the jury after rejecting the plaintiff's application for punishing Wright for...

Paragon ICO court

California court brings Paragon ICO case to federal level


A federal court in California has accepted a plaintiff’s petition in a case against Paragon cryptocurrency startup to consider it at the federal level. Investors accuse the project of selling unregistered securities for $70 million. This is reported by Cointelegraph. The creators of the project...

Shopin ICO fraud

The organizer of Shopin $42 million ICO paid a $450 000 fine


A federal judge in the southern district of New York ordered Eran Eyal, CEO of Shopin, a crypto company, to pay a fine of $450,000 after being convicted of three fraud episodes through an unregistered $42 million ICO. The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) in December 2019 accused...

Bitcoin whales

Bitcoin whales withdrew $125 million from Binance


Over the past day, increased activity has been recorded in the BTC network. The whales conducted 10 transactions with a total volume of 29,986 BTC ($287.9 million), according to the analytic service Whale Alert. Three transactions in the amount of 13,049 BTC ($125.7 million) were sent from the...

Elon Musk fraud Bitcoin

Fraudsters posing as Elon Musk stole $2 million in BTC


Fraudsters posing as Elon Musk have engaged in a new trick that has already robbed at least $2 million of trusting BTC holders, The Block reports. The organizers of fake distributions of cryptocurrency began to use the so-called vanity addresses, which can contain words, names, or phrases....


John McAfee launches GHOST distributed exchange


The odious entrepreneur and critic of bitcoin John McAfee announced the launch of a new decentralized exchange GHOST with anonymity function through the use of the same private coin. The GHOST Distributed exchange is now live:— John McAfee (@officialmcafee) June 21,...

PlusToken EOS

PlusToken pyramid withdrew $67 million in EOS


A few hours ago, 26 316 340 EOS ($67.1 million) were transferred from the wallet of the PlusToken crypto pyramid to an anonymous address. The transaction was noticed by the analytical service Clank. According to the EOSX block explorer, a recipient account named jnhgvbkkfdjf was created a few...

Nassim Taleb Bitcoin

Nassim Taleb called bitcoin maximalists "total idiots"


The philosopher and author of the cult work “Black Swan” Nassim Taleb during a small skirmish on Twitter called the vast majority of bitcoin maximalists “total idiots”. 1) I explain in #SkinintheGame scale transformations: Bitcoin is a good idea but almost all bitcoiners are total idiots,...

Mt.Gox Craig Wright

WizSec: bitcoins Craig Wright claims were stolen from Mt.Gox


WizSec team leader Kim Nilsson reiterated that the 80,000 BTC allegedly owned by Craig Wright were actually stolen from the Mt.Gox exchange in March 2011 and have not moved since then. In his new record, Nilsson once again recalls the events of 2011-2013, when significant amounts were stolen from...

XRP Open Payments Coalition

Ripple joins Open Payments Coalition


Fintech company Ripple has become a member of the recently created Open Payments Coalition, which launches the PayID global payment system based on simple and clear identifiers. The consortium unites more than 40 participants with a user base of over 100 million people. The founders of the project...

Mark Karpeles Mt.Gox court

US court upholds fraud charges against former head of Mt.Gox


The U.S. District Court dismissed the appeal of former CEO Mt.Gox exchange Mark Karpeles. He petitioned for the removal of fraud allegations made by the last remaining plaintiff, reports Cointelegraph. District Judge decided in favor of Gregory Greene, the initiator of a class action lawsuit...

Bancor vulnerability

Bancor users reported loss of funds because of vulnerability


Decentralized Liquidity Provider Bancor announces vulnerability in BancorNetwork v0.6 new smart contract protocol. Against this background, the internal token of the BNT platform has lost more than 10% of the cost. The developers assured that all user tools are safe. According to them, after the...

Binance.UK opens

Binance will launch a regulated Bitcoin exchange in the UK


Binance will launch a digital asset trading platform in the UK. It will target both retail and institutional investors. The unit will be regulated by the local FCA regulator, reports Reuters. Binance.UK will support 65 crypto coins, which will be denominated in euros and pounds. Deposits and...

Fortune 100 blockchain

Report: 72% of Fortune 100 companies research blockchain


72% of the largest US companies on the Fortune 100 list are exploring opportunities of blockchain technology. Many of them are already launching services based on a distributed registry, reports The Block. Fortune 100 is a list of one of the 100 largest revenues of public and private companies in...

Xrp ethereum Japan

Study: Japanese investors prefer XRP over Ethereum


XRP became the second most popular crypto coin among Japanese investors, almost catching up with BTC. This is evidenced by a study of the local BitMax exchange. The trading platform polled 1,498 customers. The favorite cryptocurrency of 26% of respondents is Bitcoin, while Ripple was preferred by...

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