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Three Arrows Capital News and Articles

Three Arrows Capital Crypto

Bankrupt Hedge Fund 3AC Withdraws $45 M from Curve and Convex


Cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital withdrew $45 M from deposits it staked on DeFi platforms Curve, and Convex earlier. According to the blockchain analytics platform Nansen, a wallet that belongs to the company removed around 20,945 staked Eth worth around $33.3 M from Curve. Also, the...

Three Arrows Capital  Bankruptcy

Three Arrows Capital Files for Bankruptcy, CEO Sells a Mansion


Crypto investment company Three Arrows Capital filed for Chapter 15 Bankruptcy. The legal filing enables a foreign debtor to file for bankruptcy in the US court system. Businesses or people having assets in more than one country use Chapter 15 for insolvencies. A few days earlier, a court in the...

Three Arrows Capital liquidation

Court Decision Says Three Arrows Capital Should be Liquidated


A British Virgin Islands (BVI) court ordered the cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital to liquidate assets. According to a report by the channel Sky News, a person close to the subject said that advisory firm Teneo will handle the insolvency of the 3AC. It means that the company is...

Three Arrows Capital news

Three Arrows Capital Faces Crisis, Considers Asset Sales


Cryptocurrency hedge fund Three Arrows Capital (3ac) faces a crisis. The company couldn't meet lender demands of margin calls and liquidates its crypto holdings, which increases pressure on the market. According to Wall Street Journal, the company considers asset sales, seeking a bail out. The...

Three Arrows Capital Dogecoin

Three Arrows Capital CEO Su Zhu Supports Dogecoin


The co-founder, CEO, and CIO of the hedge fund manager Three Arrows Capital, Su Zhu supports Dogecoin, as it's easy to understand and captures the interest of blue-collar traders. Su Zhu expressed his opinion during the interview on “The Game Theory of Crypto Podcast”, where he talked about the...

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