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Venmo crypto payments

Mobile Payment Service Venmo Allows Crypto Trading


P2P payment provider Venmo owned by PayPal announced the launching of crypto buying and selling functions. The users of the network will be able to purchase BTC, Ether, LTC, and BCH with a spending requirement of at least $1 and share the activities on the app's feed. The possibility is allowed...

Visa crypto transfers

Visa to Provide Payment Settlements Via Crypto


International payments technology company Visa said on March 29 it will unlock the option of using USD Coin (USDC) to settle transactions on the platform. Visa teamed up with cryptocurrency and payment operations provider to launch the pilot project. The company aims to offer more firms...

Visa crypto wallets

Visa Aims to Enable Crypto Trading via Its Credit Card


Major financial services company Visa continues to be interested in the crypto industry. Recently, in a podcast with Fortune's Leadership Next the CEO of the firm Al Kelly talked about Visa's plans concerning digital assets. During the discussion, Kelly said that the team intends to bring out two...

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