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Busan News and Articles


FTX Helps South Korean Busan Launch Crypto Exchange


The blockchain sector will be developed, and a platform for trading digital assets will be established, according to a deal that the South Korean city of Busan inked with the FTX bitcoin exchange. A news statement states that the partnership with FTX is a component of a larger strategy to...

Busan invest Bithumb

Bithumb will invest $8.6 million in a free blockchain zone


South Korea's leading crypto exchange Bithumb intends to invest 10 billion won (about $8.6 million) in the “regulatory-free zone” of Busan to develop the blockchain technology. This was reported by The Block, citing a statement by the local ministry of small and medium-sized businesses and...

blockchain regulation in South Korea

Non-regulated zone for blockchain development in South Korea


The South Korean government has declared Busan (the second-largest city in South Korea) a “non-regulatory zone” for blockchain technologies' development. In particular, following the example of the Swiss Zug, Busan will open for a number of initiatives in the field of finance, public security,...

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