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bitcoin exchange News and Articles

Starling Bank

Starling Bank will resume transfers to bitcoin exchanges


UK-based neobank Starling Bank will bring back its deposit feature to crypto exchanges according to the company representative. The restrictions will be lifted on June 23 after testing a new financial crime blocking system, he says. On May 31, Starling Bank suspended transfers due to concerns about...


The first decentralized Bitcoin exchange launches in Cuba


In early April, Italian-Cuban entrepreneur Mario Mazzola developed and expanded a decentralized p2p bitcoin exchange in Cuba. Cryptocurrencies are currently not banned in Cuba. Most global companies shy away from this country due to US sanctions. Mazzola told the media that the Qbita crypto...

Bitfinex launches derivative instruments

Bitfinex will go offline seven hours before preparing to launch derivative instruments


Bitfinex, a popular Bitcoin exchange, has announced technical work that can take up to seven hours and will be aimed at improving the experience of user interaction with the platform in the trading process. Among other things, this means creating the foundation for launching derivative instruments....

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