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X-Consoles (GAME) News

Axie Infinity sales above $1 B

NFT Gaming Platform Axie Infinity Surpasses $1 B in Sales


Data provided by shows that the decentralized gaming platform Axie Infinity, launched in 2018, surpassed $1 B from NFT sales. Thus, Axie became the first NFT game to break above this mark. Currently, there is $1,055,735 worth of tokens from the Pokémon-inspired NFT game traded via...

Satoshi Nakamoto game

Bitcoin is dead, bro: new shooter with Satoshi Nakamoto


The user of Reddit under the nickname Ethissuperior developed a game Satoshi vs. the Shills, a survival shooter. The protagonist of the game is the creator of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, who will protect the world from opponents of the first crypto coin, the so-called shills. During the game,...