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UMA (UMA) price, charts and news



UMA market data

UMA Coin Price: $13.46
UMA Market Cap: $857,024,408
UMA Circulating Supply: 63,724,410 UMA
UMA Total Supply: 105,303,254 UMA
UMA 24 Hour Volume: $45,940,136
UMA 24 Hour High: $--
UMA 24 Hour Low: $--
UMA 24h Change: 1.50%

What is UMA?

UMA (User-MAnaged Access) is a protocol for building synthetic assets. Version 1.0 of the standard was confirmed by the Kantara Initiative, a professional trade association. The purpose of the protocol designations is to allow a resource owner to manage the authorization of data sharing as well as other secured-resource access made between online services on the owner’s interest or with the owner’s permission by an autonomous requesting party. UMA allows users to pick the best time to make the decision to share, to control what can be shared and have independence and privacy. UMA 2.0 was designed to be closely linked with the popular OAuth protocol, making implementation and security features easier. UMA doesn't function or depend on OpenID 2.0 as a method of user identification. It just uses OpenID Connect protocol as a method of getting identity requests from a requesting side with the purpose of trying to meet the authorizing user's access management. The system provides 3 types of sharing; person-to-self sharing, person-to-person sharing, person-to-organization sharing in a combined system from a particular web-application point of command.

UMA price historical chart

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