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XRP (XRP) News

Bank of America Ripple

Media: Bank of America tests Ripple technology


Bank of America, the second-largest US bank, has publicly tested the Ripple distributed ledger technology and may have further plans in this direction. A Ripple spokeswoman did not confirm or deny whether the bank is a client of fintech startups, noting only that the parties conducted a joint pilot...

Ripple BRD wallet

Ripple announces rebranding and investments in BRD wallet


The xCurrent payment system and the xVia corporate payment API from fintech company Ripple are included in the single RippleNet brand. At the same time, a California-based company invested 750,000 in a BRD wallet, which will now add support for the XRP token. Representatives of Ripple reported on...

Jered Kenna

An early BTC millionaire loses his love for the industry


Bitcoin dropped 20% in late September, and one of the earliest Bitcoin millionaires came back to Twitter to talk about this. Jered Kenna is 37 years old, and he used to own thousands of BTCs, which he got for cents. Kenna also managed the initial crypto exchange in the US - TradeHill Inc. In a post...

Ripple invest Coinme

Ripple invests in Coinme Bitcoin ATM provider


Coinme, a U.S.-based cryptocurrency ATM provider, raised $1.5 million. We are thrilled to announce our that @Ripple's #Xpring and the newly established #Blockchain Finance Fund have made investments as part of our recently opened A-1 funding round.Full Release:

Third-largest crypto coin hardly causes a Ripple amid rally

Third-largest crypto coin hardly causes a Ripple amid rally


One cryptocurrency stands out from the exciting recovery process of the year. XRP tumbled about 20%, while 8 of the top 10 cryptos are posting gains. Even though the currency lost about $3 billion in market cap in 2019, it’s still the third-biggest crypto coin after BTC and ETH. Majority of the...

Bitsane's scam: disappeared with money

Bitsane cryptocurrency exchange's management has vanished with user's money


Ireland-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitsane ceased operations, and its management stole deposits of almost 250 thousand users, reports The Forbes. As the newspaper notes, Bitsane LP in the past was listed as one of the trading platforms approved by Ripple. In addition, in January 2018, CNBC...

As the rumours about Facebook’s coin launch are thickening, MoneyGram and Ripple finally became partners

As the rumours about Facebook’s coin launch are thickening, MoneyGram and Ripple finally became p...


Yesterday was the day when a long-awaited partnership has become real. Riplle Inc. declared that now they’re partners with MoneyGram. Is this because Facebook decided to launch the coin these days? As the blockchain firm says itself, this partnership is going to make MoneyGram become a user of...

Hackers stole GateHub's users 23 million XRPs

GateHub users lost 23 million XRP during a hacking attack


The creative director of 2K/DENMARK company, Thomas Silkjær, said that as a result of the hacker attack, GateHub users lost 23 million Ripple XRP tokens (approximately $9.6 million at the current rate). According to Silkjær, during the attack that began on June 1, 80-90 user wallets were hacked...