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LEO Token

LEO Token (LEO) price, charts and news



LEO Token market data

LEO Coin Price: $4.72
LEO Market Cap: $0.00
LEO Circulating Supply: 0.00 LEO
LEO Total Supply: 0.00 LEO
LEO 24 Hour Volume: $3,486,642
LEO 24 Hour High: $--
LEO 24 Hour Low: $--
LEO 24h Change: -0.40%

What is LEO Token?

LEO Token (LEO) is the utility token meant for the use on the Bitfinex transaction and other trading platforms managed by its origin organisation iFinex. The main aim of this token is to make the Bitfinex fellowship stronger and optimize the platform’s services. Unus Sed Leo was built particularly for distributing LEO tokens. The name suggests that the developers focus on product quality more than quantity. Unus Sed Leo operates under the wing of iFinex, listed in the British Virgin Islands. iFinex provides discounts to LEO users and burns tokens on fixed terms. The users of LEO mechanically get a 15% taker charge discount on any purchase made. LEO totals higher than $5,000 get a further 10% discount on taker pays. This means the more tokens you have, the bigger your discount. There are also other discounts and benefits of the token including deposit and lending interests as well as future sales. So, the token is a good choice for investors (it is still growing) as well as for users who need to reduce commission fees. The last one is especially helpful for active traders.

LEO price historical chart

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