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FTX (FTT) price, charts and news



FTX market data

FTT Coin Price: $30.11
FTT Market Cap: $4,047,822,774
FTT Circulating Supply: 134,454,978 FTT
FTT Total Supply: 330,324,314 FTT
FTT 24 Hour Volume: $89,713,026
FTT 24 Hour High: $--
FTT 24 Hour Low: $--
FTT 24h Change: -1.91%

What is FTX?

FTX is a cryptocurrency derivatives exchange made for traders. It is a common platform suitable for well-qualified trading companies and for new users. FTX Token (FTT) is the basis of the FTX platform being its utility token. FTT users get a number of advantages, including purchasing and consuming of fees weekly, low-cost FTX exchanging fees, security for futures trading, socialized profits from the insurance stock. Besides, the platform implements an OTC service for anyone interested in purchasing a large amount of crypto assets, while the mobile application allows the users to follow their accounts in real-time. OTC portal lets users receive crypto offers on more than 20 coins immediately and exchange them anytime they want. There are no payments on OTC trading or transforming in users’ wallets; all charges are built into the price users are requested. The exact founding date of FTX Token is unfortunately not that clear. Never released its source code, which makes it an intransparent and hidden project with no guarantee that their product works or is being developed. Organization wise, FTX Tokens development is centralized and is being developed by a non-public figure. The consensus on which the FTX Token network is run is called not mineable, while the underlying algorithm is called None. In the current state of FTX Token currently is Working product.

FTT price historical chart

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