YouTube deleted crypto videos, listing as dangerous content

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Youtube ban crypto

Recently, YouTube removed videos related to the topic of crypto from its platform. This was announced by the authors of the channels from which the video clips were deleted.

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At least 11 channels reported the removal of content, including Altcoin Daily, Chico Crypto, The Cryptoverse, Crypto Tips, BTC Sessions, and Chris Dunn. Their audience varies from 30000 to 210000 accounts.

According to Chris Dunn, the service has blocked a significant part of the videos that he has made over the past two years.

The blogger noted, that YouTube has removed most of their crypto videos, citing “harmful or dangerous content” and “selling goods, the sale of which is regulated by special laws”, even though they have been making videos for 10 years, they have more than 200 thousand subscribers and over 7 million views.

Representatives of the video hosting have not yet made any commentaries.

A direct ban on the mention of cryptocoins in the rules of the videoplatform does not appear. Only “fake currency” can be found in the clause on prohibited goods. How much this applies to cryptocurrencies is unclear.

At the same time, in the spring of 2018, Google, the owner of YouTube, announced a complete ban on cryptocurrency advertising. However, already in September of the same year, it allowed advertising of crypto exchange services in the USA and Japan.

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Recall, that in July 2019, YouTube video hosting was included in the list of defendants in a class-action lawsuit against the BitConnect crypto pyramid. According to court documents, the financial pyramid used advertising videos on the service for its promotion.