Youtube admits its mistake over crypto video removal

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YouTube admits its mistake

On December 25, YouTube has deleted crypto-related videos from its website.

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Currently, the popular website has reinstalled the videos, saying that they were removed "in error."

Numbers of YouTubers that are focused on Bitcoin and crypto-related videos received a message about their video removal.

And the platform had to apologize for its mistake. Yet, some bloggers are complaining their videos have not still been reinstated.

Chris Dunn, a blogger with more than 200000 subscribers, stated that this is a wake-up call for him, and he is looking for decentralized alternatives.

After many channels claimed that the Google-owned video-sharing platform is ignoring their complaints, video-creators shared their disappointment on Twitter.

Representatives from YouTube mentioned that a wrong command was given: that's why so many videos were deleted. They assured that all the excised content will be recovered during the next days.