XRP Surges, Breaking Its Highest Weekly Close Since May 2018

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XRP goes up

Saturday, April 4, the price of XRP, the cryptocurrency created by Ripple Labs, reached $0.62. This is the first time since May 2018 that the token closes the week with a new high. At the moment XRP trades at above $0.7 ranking the 7th by market cap.

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This shows that now the token's price is more than before the SEC started legal actions against Ripple.

Meanwhile, the judicial process is going on. The sides held a meeting on April 1, when they agreed on the redaction of two documents in the case. However, Ripple intended to redact four emails but got two of them partially.

One of the emails which was agreed to leave out of the process is between Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse and an unknown individual on the company's program RippleWorks. The other one concerns the public understanding of XRP and Ripple’s approach to it, discussed by unidentified parties.

The emails that will be revealed refer to the company's co-founder Chris Larsen's finances and the firm's policy with private investors.