Winklevoss brothers iterate that BTC will exceed gold in cap

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Co-founders of the Gemini crypto exchange, twin brothers Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, once again pointed to the giant potential of Bitcoin. They have repeatedly stated that the largest digital currency is set for long-term growth.

As part of an online conference on fintech, which opened on December 7 at the initiative of Singapore, the twins confirmed all their previous predictions regarding the prospects for BTC.

In their opinion, the price of bitcoin will eventually reach $ 500,000. The capitalization of the cryptocurrency will exceed $ 9 trillion. That is, according to this indicator, the coin will bypass gold.

Cameron Winklevoss recalled that now a large amount of money has been pumped into assets subject to inflation.

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In the face of global economic uncertainty, the demand for safe instruments will increase. The beneficiaries of this trend will be cryptocurrencies and precious metals.

Tyler Winklevoss is convinced that the cryptosphere will expand at an accelerated pace if it starts partnering with banks.

Co-founder of Gemini Exchange said: "If people want to buy bitcoin, then they must remember that cryptocurrency is an innovation. We need to build a bridge between banks and cryptocurrencies, and we need banks to do this buy or sell BTC for fiat money."