VMware is capitalizing on blockchain gold rush

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VMware is capitalizing on blockchain gold rush

A VMware pick and shovel company helps numerous enterprise outfits incorporate the technology made famous for underpinning bitcoin in a decentralized and scalable manner. The journey of this company began by doing its own work on the technology only then developing own model of operating.

Pratima Rao Gluckman

Leading blockchain engineer of the company Pratima Rao Gluckman mentioned that the company provided lots of researches in the blockchain sphere and came up with a scalable Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus protocol. And the foundation is the basis of their blockchain system.

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One of VMware developments became public in August last year, Gluckman said: “Development is called Project Concord and in is an open-sourced SBFT”. She also added that VMware constructed a permissioned blockchain for enterprise consortiums. According to Gluckman VMware is working to further this concept of providing this decentralized trust, making it scalable and compatible among multiple different operations.

The company is also dialled into two other aspects: "robust day-2 operations" and "developer-friendly" categories. Gluckman assumed, “This is primarily our focus right now is providing enterprise-grade decentralized trust, robust day-2 operations and making it developer-friendly so we can have as many Dapps that are going to be written on our blockchain”.