Uzbekistan will allow BTC mining only on solar energy

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The National Agency for Advanced Projects of Uzbekistan (NAPP) has developed a regulation on the legalization of bitcoin mining.

However, in a document published late last week, it is noted that only those miners that use solar energy will be able to work freely.

The obligation to use solar panels to supply equipment rests with legal entities mining cryptocurrency, according to the regulation of the NAPP.

That is, every company that wants to mine bitcoins must have its mini-power plant based on solar panels. This is the only way to get electricity and use it for crypto mining.

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In addition, each miner must register in a special registry and obtain a license to mine BTC.

It will be possible to carry out transactions with coins mined in Uzbekistan on those exchanges that are subject to local regulators. In addition, the country's authorities have banned the production of anonymous digital currencies. The certificate received by the miner will be valid for one year.

Uzbekistan has been trying to legalize mining over the past few years. In April 2020, local authorities even decided to launch a national mining pool to bring citizens and companies that mine cryptocurrency out of the shadows.