US resident is accused of laundering millions through crypto

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The US Securities and Exchange Commission announced the opening of an investigation into Florida resident Aaron Govil. He is accused of laundering $ 7 million through mobile applications under his control.

According to the agency, the man, being the CEO and directly the developer of the Teledyne application misled investors. He promised that through the above software, people are going to be able to conduct transactions involving digital assets.

He also deceived Govil in the fact that his company will soon launch an application for detecting coronavirus. Naturally, in this case, too, the would-be developer collected a considerable amount of investment from interested citizens.

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In addition to the above offenses, the regulator brought charges against the man and insider trading. At the moment, proceedings are underway.

We will remind, earlier our publication reported that another cryptocurrency fund of the Grayscale company began to report on its activities to the US Securities and Exchange Commission.