Universal Music Group Is Creating a Group of Virtual Apes

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Universal Music Bored Apes

Leading corporation Universal Music Group N.V. has formed a new group named Kingship. Performers of the band are 4 Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) NFTs.

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Thus, the company unites trending concepts of the metaverse and NFTs. To bring the idea into reality, Universal partners with an NFT collector Jimmy McNelis, the owner of the digital assets.

Released in April 2021 on Ethereum, BAYC tokens have gained huge popularity.

On Oct 26, BAYC #8817 was sold for $3.4 M via an auction held at Sotheby’s. Lately, TV host Jimmy Fallon announced he owns an ape. Kingship is the first group in history consisting of NFT creations from BAYC. Three of the collectibles are bored apes and one is mutant.

As per a press release published by Billboard, UMG's next-gen Web3 label has hired a team of crypto artists and animators to turn 2D apes into 3D characters. The team will record music for Kingship, which will go live on streaming services. Then, the group will perform in various games and VR apps.