UNI was the most productive of the top ten altcoins

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Over the past day, the best performance from the top ten largest digital currencies was demonstrated by the UniSwap decentralized exchange token.

The UNI coin soared in price by more than 36% to $ 24.81. The capitalization of this cryptocurrency on Monday, September 27, reached $ 15.231 billion.

Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH) are also rising in price today. Leading digital currencies gained 5% and 12% to $ 43,845 and $ 3115, respectively.

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In addition to UNI, the token of another decentralized platform, SushiSwap, also demonstrates explosive growth. SUSHI coin has risen in price by 30% to $ 11.24.

Synergia Capital analysts found out that against the background of new repressions against centralized crypto exchanges in China, local traders began to switch to DEX (decentralized platforms).

After Friday's announcement by the People's Bank of China to ban crypto trading on DEX platforms, there was a surge in user activity. That suggests that Chinese investors began to massively switch to decentralized exchanges and invest their capital in tokens representing the DeFi market.