UK Allows Using Blockchain for Suing Someone

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blockchain UK

A court in the United Kingdom approved the use of blockchain during a legal action for the first time. The ruling was related to a lawsuit started by Fabrizio D’Aloia, founder of a virtual gambling business. According to a Time article, D’Aloia is suing the digital assets exchange Binance and other companies. According to filings, his cryptos were illicitly cloned on the platforms.

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The judge's decision says that the exchanges should make sure that crypto is not moved or withdrawn. Now, the lawsuit papers will be airdropped via non-fungible token into two crypto wallet addresses that were used by D’Aloia and stolen by criminals.

Law company Giambrone Partners said that the process will allow victims to start legal processes against unknown criminals in the UK.

In general, the legal industry can benefit greatly from blockchain technology. One of the advantages is the protection of property rights through NFTs. Due to identifying codes of NFTs, and proof of ownership, people can monitor their assets. Lawyers can securely store their legal documents on the blockchain.