U.S. Treasury Hack will Increase Trust in Bitcoin

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USA Treasury attacked

On December 13 U.S authorities announced that the US Treasury and the body linked to the Commerce Department were hacked. The reporting made by Reuters states that another country was involved in this.

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This is a major crime against U.S. network safety. The National Security Council called for an urgent conference at the White House after the news. John Ullyot, the senior director of the NSC informed that the government is taking all required measures to find and solve any subjects that resulted from the case.

Reuters notes that the attackers used professionals tools and managed to break-through the National Telecommunications and Information Administration's (NTIA) office computer program. Moreover, the cybercriminals were controlling work emails at the institution, for months together.

Just a few days ago, cybersecurity firm FireEye has been hacked. After these major hacks, many people will review their attitude towards regulators handling their money. Although regulators announce that crypto trading lacks security, top agencies themselves suffer attacks. The latest cases are supposed to increase people’s trust in Bitcoin and other crypto assets.