Top ICOs with the biggest ROI (Part II)

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Top ICOs with the biggest ROI (Part II)

In the first part of the article, we started talking about the ICOs that have the most prominent ROI. Now we are going to continue our talk about the top 10 and finally reveal, which is the ICO with the highest ROI rating.

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  1. Spectrecoin (ROI = 149,806%)

Spectre project gives priority to privacy and anonymity. To achieve these two components, Spectrecoin mixed Blockchain technology with a tokenized ring signature model. This model is a kind of signature in cryptography, which can be done by each member of a group of users who own the key. It is impossible to understand who was a particular member that signed the transaction. What’s more, there’s no need for any extra setups for becoming a group in the system.

Spectrecoin utilizes the Tor network to have an extra level of privacy. The nodes of this system connect only via Tor, this shows that there’s a kind of “middleman” in the network, but all the actions are remaining untraceable. The project also offers an OBFS4 technology, which lets hiding the fact that Tor was applied during the transaction.

The ICO of the company took place from November 2016 to January 2017. The team raised $15,500, and over 19 million tokens were sold, each cost just $0.001.

  1. Ethereum (ROI = 279,843%)

I guess every crypto involved person has heard about Ethereum. It’s an open-source platform that lets users building and managing Dapps and also creates and applies smart contracts.

The author of the platform is Vitalik Buterin, who is one of the most successful individuals in the industry. Ethereum interacts with a majority of the highest enterprises throughout the world and implements smart contracts and blockchain into masses and businesses.

Ethereum’s ICO was held in summer 2014. It raised over $15.5 million, sold over 50 million tokens: each price equaled $0.311. The costly price of ETH was reached in January 2018, and it cost $1377.72.

  1. Neo (Antshares) (ROI = 378,453%)

Previously known as Antshares, Neo is frequently pointed as China’s Ethereum. Like Ethereum, it works with smart contract apps, but it has an additional feature as it adds decentralized commerce, identification, and digitized assets to the combination.

Developers from China decided to build a blockchain, which would become a representation of a legal proof-of-ownership and would be adopted by a higher number of people, not just the community of crypto.

As the project was supported by giants Alibaba and Microsoft, every single investor was sure that it worths investing in. The ICO was carried in October 2015 and certainly was a successful one. Neo sold 17.5 million tokens and raised $556,500. During their second ICO in September 2016, the project sold 22.5 million tokens raising approximately $4.5 million.

During the ICO Neo price was $0.032, the expensive rate was noted in January 2018, and it was $162.11.

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  1. IOTA (ROI = 424,084%)

IOTA’s name is based on the term Internet of Things. It reveals a prognosticated future where multiple things will be able to interact with each other. For instance, a fridge will be able to re-order some necessary products automatically and even pay for them. Especially for this kind of transaction, the IOTA token is made.

Truly, IOTA doesn’t even apply the entire blockchain technology to run: it uses a method that is identified as the Tangle. The system verifies transactions and resolves the difficulty with scalability, which is one of the biggest problems for the majority of tokens and blockchain systems.

These features make IOTA innovative and unusual project, and these features were the main reason for their ICO to become successful. The ICO was held at the end of 2015, and the team raised over $400,000. Tokens were sold for $0.001 each.

And, finally, the leading ICO, with the most prominent percent of ROI.

  1. NXT (ROI = 1,265,555%)

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In this list, the NXT project is one of the oldest. It was announced during the BitcoinTalk forum in 2013 by a developer who preferred to stay anonymous.

In that announcement, NXT was described as a descendant of Bitcoin, which was to improve some Bitcoin features, solve the problem like bloated Blockchain and switch the mining algorithm to PoS.

Nowadays, NXT is a fully-operational Blockchain, which offers its users modular toolset, that lets them build their blockchain-related apps. The platform also has a messaging system, a marketplace, and an exchange.

During its ICO, NXT gathered around $16,800 worth BTC and traded about one billion tokens. The value of the token was $0.0000168. The all-time high was reached in December 2017 and was equal to $2.16.

We hope that the information we gave you was helpful, but remember there is also a mass of failure examples, so make sure you have done researches before starting your own ICO or investing in others'.