Top ICOs with the biggest ROI (Part I)

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Top ICOs with the biggest ROI (Part I)

ICOs are very widespread nowadays. The blockchain projects that had applied this model of raising funds gathered over $13 billion altogether.

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Many of these tokens started growing in rate during the trade on crypto exchanges, still not all the projects became as successful as they expected to. On the other hand, some tokens and blockchains became very popular and gathered a lot of money during their ICOs.

This article is dedicated to the top 10 ICOs that have become successful and have the highest ROI rate. But before starting the talk about top ICOs, let’s understand what ROI is.

ROI (stands for Return on Investment) is a specific measure applied to evaluate the effectiveness of an investment or compare the productivity of several various investments. Formula: ROI = (Gain from the investment - Cost of investment)/ Cost of investment

For checking ROI of the coin for the present time, you’ll need to compare the coin’s price during the ICO launch and its nowadays price.

Now, it’s time for the top 10.

  1. Qtum (ROI = 9225%)

Qtum (pronounced as “quantum”) is a project which attaches Bitcoin Core’s stable blockchain with the smart contract system of Ethereum. For verification, it uses the Proof-of-Stake algorithm. The project aims to expand the range of apps that are applying smart contracts, especially in the business sphere. It also intends to design special tools, templates, and options in a smart contract system to make executing and developing them more accessible and secure.

The ICO of Qtum was held in March 2017 and gathered over $15 million in only 117 hours. The basic price of the token was $0.3. The highest rate for one token was reached on January 8, 2018, and it equaled $103.45.

  1. DigixDAO (ROI = 12,044%)

One of the best features in the network of Ethereum is that it lets users forming Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAO), and they are just a new model of business structuring - there are no chiefs or individuals, whoa re in charge of the whole company. Every decision in the corporation is made by proposals and voting.

One of the biggest DAOs which was built via Ethereum is DigicDAO. The interesting fact is that the project has two various tokens: DGD and DGX.

During the project’s ICO, DGD tokens were selling. In the case of DAOs, when someone invests in the project, he gets all the voting rights and can take part in the formation process of the project. DigixDAO’s name is written in history as it’s Ethereum’s first on-chain crowd sale. It started in March 2016 and reached the target of $5.5 million in 12 hours. The cost of the token during ICO equaled $3.235.

  1. Lisk (ROI = 26,367%)

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Lisk is the premier platform that has a mainchain - the one that currently hosts the LSK currency and is going to become a hub for all sidechains as soon as the platform is entirely live. This type of blockchain is termed modular. Sidechains are something, like individual blockchain, they can be effortlessly performed and managed using Lisk’s tools.

This platform is allowing building apps, housing them on the developer’s sidechain, and holding ICOs. The essential point is that Lisk’s applications are a common first choice for the preponderance of programmers as they are designed via Javascript.

The ICO was held in February and March of 2016 and brought to the company over $5 million. The initial cost of the token was $0.076. The all-time price record was reached in January 2018 and was $38.8.

  1. Ark (ROI = 37,805%)

The main aim of Ark is building an ecosystem of attached blockchains by bringing them together into a massive “spiderweb of use-cases.” So, this project is all about collaboration and integration. It tries to find some cryptocurrencies to integrate into its blockchain.

The unusual feature of the system is that it’s collaborative and decentralized through and through: it has 17 nucleus members hailing from 11 different countries.

The ICO was carried from November to December in 2016, it raised approximately $950,000, and this is a huge number considering that the price of the token was only $0.01.

  1. Stratis (ROI = 102,338%)

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The Stratis project offers end-to-end solutions for the analysis, construction, and deployment of Blockchain apps for the business field. The slogan of Stratis is: “We make Blockchain easy for you.” The project struck gold by building a platform that is compatible with C# and .NET.

The principal advantage of the organization is that it involves practically every important business that uses Microsoft products. The second one is that Microsoft added Stratis’ BaaS to its cloud service Azure, which targets enterprises that want to build in-house blockchain solutions.

With exceptional support from Microsoft, it’s apparent that the ICO of the company was successful. Stratis raised $610,000 with the token price equal to $0.0007. The all-time high was set on January 8, 2018, and was $21.21.

In the second part of the article, we will reveal the names of 5 leading greatest ICOs. So stay with us to learn all the information!