The Weeknd Tells More Details About His NFT

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The Weeknd NFT song

Performer, songwriter, and record producer the Weeknd revealed introducing his first NFT on the digital art platform Nifty Gateway on April 2. The sale is planned to begin at 2 PM EST.

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The collectible will be in the form of an unreleased song with a a limited edition of visual co-created with media production firm Strangeloop Studios.

On March 26, the artist posted a vague tweet saying his new song living in NFT space was expected in the near future.

The popularity of non-fungible tokens keeps growing. Famous people from various industries (business, sports, music, movie-making, etc) support the industry by making investments or releasing their collectibles.

Recently Dapper Labs, the company founding the NFT exchange platform NBA Top Shot, attracted investments from stars like Michael Jordan, Kevin Durant, Will Smith, and others in terms of a $305 M financial backing stage.

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Thus, Dapper Labs' valuation reached $2.6 B.