The digital yuan began to be used to buy air tickets

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Digita Yuan

The Chinese digital currency (CBDC) has begun to be used as a payment instrument.

As TASS clarifies, for the first time the digital yuan was used when buying an air ticket. The token was accepted for payment in Shanghai by Spring Airlines.

The ticket, priced at 560 yuan (up to $ 86), was purchased for the flight from Shanghai to Shenzhen. Thus, for the first time, CBDC was used routinely in the Chinese market when purchasing a product or service.

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You can buy a ticket using digital currency through the Spring Airlines mobile service installed on your mobile device.

In the section that lists the forms of payment, you need to select the digital yuan. At the moment, the Celestial Empire is on the list of states that have advanced the farthest in creating a national digital currency.

The US authorities began to fear that the Chinese token could pose a threat to the dollar's dominance in the global market. Already, several American departments are working on options to counter the threats that will come from the digital yuan.