SpaceX to Support Dogecoin Payments, Musk Says

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Elon Musk Dogecoin SpaceX

On May 27, Elon Musk revealed that SpaceX will accept Dogecoin. In January, Tesla started supporting DOGE as a means of payments for certain products.

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A user asked whether they will be able to pay for Starlink subscriptions via the meme coin in the future. Replying to the question, Musk said one day it’s possible.

Currently, the Dogecoin price is around $0.08. Its market cap stands at above $11 billion. It is the largest meme coin and the 10th largest cryptocurrency in general.

Elon Musk talked about Dogecoin and cryptos before. He said in March that he owns Bitcoin, Eth, and DOGE adding that he wouldn't sell the cryptos.

Tesla CEO finds it's better to own assets like a home or stock in companies that make new good products than dollars at the times of high inflation.

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Currently, the total crypto market cap stands at about $1.2 trillion. Bitcoin trades at $30,500 and Ether at $1,900.