Solana price increased by more than 15% in a week

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The altcoin SOL, based on the Solana blockchain, has grown in value by 15.19% over the past seven days. Its rate strengthened to $102.45.

The capitalization of this cryptocurrency increased on the night of Monday, March 28, to $33.386 billion.

In November last year, SOL hit a historic high of around $260. Note that in May 2020, this coin was trading at around $0.505.

Analysts attribute the growth in its value to an increase in the number of users of the Solana blockchain. At the end of last week, the altcoin soared by more than 10% in just a day.

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The cryptocurrency has been aggressively gaining in value amid reports of a blockchain developer partnership with the Krafton team that created the famous PUBG game.

The Krafton release notes that Solana is one of the most productive and secure blockchains. The use of this network greatly enhances the user experience of the game application.

Other game developers are also using the Solana blockchain, which is gradually starting to compete with Ethereum.

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Recently, the Grayscale fund focused on leading blockchains, invested up to 24% of its capital in SOL, which also stimulated an increase in the value of the digital currency.