Slovenia wants to submit a 10% tax on crypto transactions

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The Slovenian Financial Authority intends to tax operations to convert fiat money into cryptocurrencies. We are talking about 10%, which will be charged from citizens after each such transaction.

Local mass media report that a month after the information about possible innovations appeared on the Internet, the Ministry of Finance got involved in the situation. The department, by the way, wants to get acquainted with a public opinion before approving the said bill. We are talking about a survey among local investors, the Ministry of Finance needs to understand how the business will behave after the possible introduction of the tax.

In this context, it is worth noting that if the tax is introduced, it will not be extended to all investors who convert fiat funds into digital assets. So, it is said in the message, the financial department deliberately introduce a threshold of 15 thousand euros (for a calendar year). In a situation where the specified threshold is not exceeded by investors, citizens will be exempted from any payments.

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“We would like to focus public attention on the fact that in no case will the profit received from crypto-activities be taxed, but the number of funds received by a resident of Slovenia as a result of the exchange of fiat and digital assets,” the department emphasized.