SBI Holdings Offers Year-End Benefits in XRP

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SBI to offer benefits in XRP

Japanese financial services company SBI Group issued a paper to inform about a new decision of providing shareholders year-end benefit in the XRP cryptocurrency.

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In the notice, the firm expresses its gratitude to stockholders for their continued support and business strategy understanding. Investors owning a minimum of 100 shares will be able to receive 2,500 yen ($23) worth of XRP.

On June 30 the company will provide the final terms of the offer based on the price of XRP.
Shareholders can apply for the benefits till May 31, 2021.

SBI Holdings is a long-time partner of Ripple Labs, which built XRP. The company supported Ripple when the news about the SEC filing a lawsuit against it became known. Yoshitaka Kitao, the CEO of the firm stated that in Japan XRP isn't viewed as security.

The first time SBI allowed its shareholders to get XRP as a benefit was in January 2020. Meanwhile, Ripple continues to face a Lawsuit Investigation in the USA.