Robert Kiyosaki expects bitcoin to fall to $1100

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Popular financier Robert Kiyosaki periodically comments on the situation in the cryptocurrency market. In the fall of 2020, he predicted the collapse of bitcoin after the appearance of the American vaccine against COVID-19.

Now, the author of the acclaimed investor book Rich Dad Poor Dad believes the global economy is set to deteriorate. BTC should fall to $1100 following the correction of the stock market, at which point you can start buying cryptocurrency.

Such a collapse is necessary, as it will contribute to the maturation of the market, Kiyosaki is sure. In his opinion, alarmists will quickly capitulate and exit bitcoin.

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After that, supporters of the cryptosphere need to enter the asset on more comfortable terms.

The market will still begin to grow, and the entrepreneur himself will continue to invest in BTC. Robert Kiyosaki expressed his position on Twitter, although many of his subscribers suggested that he made a mistake when writing the price of bitcoin at $1100. Perhaps he made a typo and wanted to write $11,000.

In January 2022, Kiyosaki stated that BTC would be able to find a bottom around $20,000, but later he changed his forecast and allowed a deeper pullback of the coin, for example, to $9,000.