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Quant (QNT) price, charts and news



Quant market data

QNT Coin Price: $144.16
QNT Market Cap: $2,097,136,952
QNT Circulating Supply: 14,544,191 QNT
QNT Total Supply: 14,612,493 QNT
QNT 24 Hour Volume: $29,557,323
QNT 24 Hour High: $--
QNT 24 Hour Low: $--
QNT 24h Change: 3.25%

What is Quant?

QNT is a cryptocurrency of Quant Network. It offers its own application, which was developed for creating a blockchain platform for interacting with each other. It is famous with the name "Overledger". Note, that applications of this type can exist parallel in various registers, with the possibility of communicating with each other. In fact, the company offers "above the layer" on top of existing blocks, to which apps can run. Thus, applications can communicate, transfer and share information and values, regardless of the registration records on which they are used. One of the pluses of this project is its team. CEO has very solid experience, including extensive experience in the field of IT security. He is definitely at the forefront of this project, and the company could not be better. The team and the advisory board are strong and they have been working on its app since 2015.

QNT price historical chart

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